Ebola Emerges in Dallas

CDC confirms first U.S. case of Ebola at Dallas hospital

CDC confirms first U.S. case of Ebola at Dallas hospital

The first case of Ebola in a U.S. hospital has emerged, and it's in Dallas. Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that a critically ill patient had been diagnosed with the virus; the patient, who is in isolation, is an unidentified man at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

The man left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the United States on September 20 to visit relatives. He fell ill on September 24 and sought medical care at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on September 26.

After developing symptoms consistent with Ebola, he was admitted to the hospital on September 28. Based on the person's travel history and symptoms, CDC recommended testing for Ebola.

The City of Dallas issued a bulletin announcing that it's on "Level 2: High Readiness," and that the Dallas Fire Rescue EMS crew that transported the patient Sunday morning took all safety precautions and has been quarantined according to CDC and Dallas County Health guidelines.

"The city is working closely with Dallas County Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control after the unnamed patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas was confirmed to have the virus at 3:32 pm Tuesday afternoon."

CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden said at a news conference that a "handful" of people, including family members and a few people in the community, have been exposed to the virus.

Ebola does not spread through the air; it's spread through contact with bodily fluids, such as blood or vomit. The illness has an average eight- to 10-day incubation period, although it can range from two to 21 days.

According to figures from the World Health Association, Ebola has infected 6,553 people and killed 3,083 in three countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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