Cops Behaving Badly

Veteran Dallas police officer who ignored kidnapping gets fired

Veteran Dallas police officer who ignored kidnapping gets fired

Dallas police officer Leslie Richardson was casually smoking a cigarette in his squad car when a distressed mother flagged him down about a kidnapping. Instead of helping her, the 28-year DPD veteran told the woman, "Baby, I'm on a call," and left the scene.

The officer's indifference was captured by dash cam footage.

After Richardson let the suspect get away, the man engaged in a car and foot chase with police. Steven Douglas, 29, allegedly pointed a gun at police before he was shot and killed by an officer on August 25.

Dallas police chief David Brown fired Richardson and two other officers at a disciplinary hearing on October 1.

"An Internal Affairs investigation concluded that Senior Corporal Richardson placed persons in greater danger than necessary when he failed to take any action as a police officer and made an inappropriate comment to a citizen. The investigation also concluded that he used tobacco product while driving a Dallas police vehicle," police said in a statement.

Scene of Dallas police shooting
A Dallas police officer failed to take action in a kidnapping case, and the suspect got away. Monica Cordova/Twitter