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Why Texas claims the creepy crown as the most haunted state in America

Why Texas claims the creepy crown as the most haunted state in America

Adolphus Hotel
Some check into Adolphus Hotel, but they don't check out. Adolphus Hotel/Facebook

It's the season for all things spooky, especially if you live in Texas. Why? Because we're supposedly the most haunted state in the entire country, at least according to SlotSource.com.

Why an online gambling review site is putting together this study is a mystery, but it does supply data to back up its claim. By analyzing the number of ghost sightings per state from GhostsOfAmerica.com, the site determined that 6,845 ghostly sightings have been experienced in the Lone Star State since 2005.

Second is California, at 6,444 creepy experiences, and third is Ohio at 2,555.

The least haunted state? Delaware, which ranks just ahead of U.S. territory Puerto Rico.

It makes sense that Texas and California top the list, having the two highest populations in the country and, therefore, more people to experience a supernatural encounter.

But Texas is also a supremely haunted state, with plenty of bloody history in its books.

Dallas' Adolphus Hotel doesn't just house the rich and famous when they visit — it's also home to a jilted bride who roams the 19th floor and plays a creepy music box. She may be the most famous ghost, but the long list of deaths (both accidental and on-purpose) at the hotel make it a hotbed of haunted activity.

Another haunted hotel is the Stockyards Hotel in Fort Worth, where legendary outlaws Bonnie and Clyde once stayed in room 306. There, water faucets are said to turn on and off on their own, and at the elevator a little girl sometimes gets out on the second floor, takes three steps, and then disappears.

Outdoors, White Rock Lake is a popular place for biking, strolling, and visiting the dog park, but at night many have reported seeing the Lady of the Lake. Dressed in vintage clothing, she hails a ride from passing cars, then vanishes before reaching her destination.

Last year, Condé Nast Traveler magazine named San Antonio's San Fernando Cathedral one of the 30 most haunted places in the U.S. Visitors have reporting seeing everything from ghostly orbs to shadowy figures of soldiers and monks and even a white stallion galloping in front of the church.

There are also plenty of spooky road trips within a few hours of DFW (though not all attractions may be open due to COVID). Take in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house, a haunted roadside tavern, and a jail that's sat untouched since 1983.