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Dallas police identify suspects in murder of NBA player Andre Emmett

Dallas police identify suspects in murder of NBA player Andre Emmett

Andre Emmett
Michael Lucky and Keith Johnson. Photo courtesy of DPD

Two suspects have been identified by the Dallas Police Department in the September 23 death of Andre Ammett, a former NBA player and former All-Star player for Texas Tech, who was killed in a shooting near his East Dallas home.

According to the DPD, the suspects are Michael Lucky, 29, and Keith Johnson, 32. One is in custody, and the other remains at large.

A statement from the police says that, "through the course of the investigation it was determined that Michael Lucky, a 29-year-old black male, and Keith Johnson, a 32-year-old black male, were responsible for the death of Andre Emmett."

"On October 19, 2019, Dallas homicide detectives obtained capital murder warrants for their arrests," the statement says. "Johnson, who is currently in jail on unrelated charges, has also been charged with capital murder.  His bond will be set by a magistrate.  Lucky remains at large."

Emmett, 37, was approached by the suspects as he sat in his vehicle in front of his home in the 1800 block of N. Prairie Avenue.

An altercation ensued, and Emmett was shot as he ran away. He was taken to an area hospital, where he later died.

The Dallas Police Department subsequently released a video showing the suspects.

Emmett was an All-Star player for Texas Tech and a former NBA player who played for two seasons with the Nets and Grizzlies. He also recently became a father.

He was known for his kindness towards others and easygoing demeanor that people said "made him a joy to be around."