Thanksgiving Traffic Tips

How to avoid Thanksgiving traffic in Dallas: The worst times to hit the road

Avoiding Thanksgiving traffic in Dallas: The worst times to drive

Austin traffic highway I-35 congestion
These helpful tips will help you avoid traffic during the holidays. Courtesy photo

Thanksgiving means plenty of turkey, pies, good times — and traffic. And according to Google, Dallas is the fifth most congested city during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Luckily, the tech giant has shared some helpful tips on how to avoid traffic during this holiday week by looking at the number of cars on the road and analyzing Google Maps search terms from Thanksgiving 2014. Here are the top tips for traveling with ease:

No matter what your plans are for the holiday, stay off the roads on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday at 3 pm is the absolute worst time for traffic all week, but you should consider avoiding streets from 2-5 pm.

Since Wednesday is the worst day for traffic, hitting the road on Tuesday is a good bet for avoiding traffic. If Wednesday is your only option, Google suggests leaving before 1 pm or after 6 pm. 

Thanksgiving Day has the lightest traffic of the week, with the heaviest congestion expected between 11 am and 1 pm. 

Schedule your return trip for Sunday. Avoid traveling on Saturday, as traffic on Dallas roadways is 22 percent worse at that time than Sunday. Black Friday traffic in Dallas is surprisingly lighter than traffic on Tuesday and Saturday, so coming home the day after Thanksgiving could save you some time — and sanity.

For more Thanksgiving travel tips, check out this blog post from Google.