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5 people get arrested at Dallas Love Field with 129 pounds of pot

5 people get arrested at Dallas Love Field with 129 pounds of pot

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For some idiotic reason, marijuana is still not legal in Texas. Redheaded Blackbelt

Five young people tried to fly into Dallas with 129 pounds of marijuana on December 11, but were arrested at Love Field.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the quintet flew to San Francisco to buy pot, which they intended to bring back and sell.

Recreational marijuana is legal in San Francisco. It is, unfortunately, not legal in Texas. Is it possible they did not know this? One had been a player on his high school varsity football team. The others all seem to have families and regular lives.

The newspaper identifies them as four men from Tyler: Dejuan Beal, 20; Andrew Robert Clark, 23; Otis McMillan, 23; Joshua Porter, 23; and one woman, Rasheeda Chester, 19, from DeSoto.

They wrapped the pot in towels and packed it into 10 suitcases; each contained 13 packages.

Alas, the pot was detected by drug-sniffing dogs who sniffed out the suitcases at an airport baggage carousel. What a coincidence that drug-sniffing dogs were at Dallas Love Field that day.

Chester also had a carry-on bag with more than $5,000 in cash.

McMillan told police he had purchased an ounce of marijuana in November and successfully brought it into Dallas.

The five were booked into Dallas County jail and have been released on bond. They face felony drug possession charges.