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Dallas ranks as best city for young lawyers who want to live large

Dallas ranks as best city for young lawyers who want to live large

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Law school graduates, like reality star Erica Rose, get the most bang for their buck in cities like Dallas and Houston.  Courtesy of Erica Rose

For those just on the cusp of graduating from law school, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing a city of employ. But the National Association for Law Placement is trying to make life easier on these would-be litigators.

Using median starting salaries (because averages are for dullards), the association ranks major U.S. cities by purchasing power. Dallas comes in at No. 1 on the list, with a starting salary of $135,000 and a buying power index of 1.9.

New York City is the baseline for the survey and ranks No. 47, with a starting salary of $160,000 but a much higher cost of living than the Lone Star State.

To quote Staci Zaretsky of abovethelaw.com:

How you like me now?' asked every associate in Texas, a state with two major cities in the top five spots (and no state income tax). It is now painfully obvious that it’s no longer financially viable to live in New York City, so it may be time to consider transferring to (or starting your career at) another office — your wallet will thank you.

Houston ranked No. 3 on the list, just behind Wilmington, Delaware. Texas and California were the only two states to have more than one city in the top 10. Los Angeles and Costa Mesa ranked fifth and seventh, respectively.