Party Animals

Dallas ranks among top 10 places to party in the U.S.

Dallas ranks among top 10 places to party in the U.S.

The Pool at Dallas Power & Light
Dallas is one of America's top places to party. Photo courtesy of The POOL at Dallas Power & Light/Facebook

Variety isn't just the spice of life; it seems it's also the key to partying like a rock star. And thanks to a plethora of places to drink, listen to music, and just have a good time, Dallas ranks among the top 10 places to party in the country.

That's according to Wanderu, a booking agency for train and bus travel, which surveyed the Yelp API and added up the number of grown-up entertainment venues to determine the cities with the most options, which Wanderu translated into the biggest party hubs in the U.S.

With 1,056 bars, 100 music venues, and 77 dance clubs, Dallas ranks the 9th best party town in the nation. We've also got 11 beer gardens, 12 country dance halls, 15 jazz and blues venues, 33 pool halls, 45 karaoke bars, and a piano bar for good measure.

Claiming the number No. 1 spot, based on variety of options, is New York City, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and San Diego. Houston is sixth, while Austin ranks twelfth. Texans are party animals, says Wanderu.

"The race for the top spot was tough and, as expected, it came down to the age-old question of what city is better, New York or Los Angeles," according to Wanderu.

"While LA came out as the top destination for dance lovers, karaoke enthusiasts, live music fans, and pool shooters, NYC’s almost-double number of bars gave it a significant boost, making it the top party hub in the United States."