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Dale Hansen compares Kidd Kraddick's death to 9/11 in bizarre interview with radio show crew

Dale Hansen compares Kidd Kraddick's death to 9/11 in odd interview

Never one to tread lightly – even on the topic of death – WFAA's Dale Hansen behaved as only Dale Hansen does in his coverage of the death of David "Kidd" Kraddick, who died on July 27 in New Orleans.

On the August 5 edition of WFAA-TV's nightly news show, Hansen hosted an interview with the crew of Kidd Kraddick in The Morning, which is broadcast around the country and locally on KHKS 106.1 FM. Although Kraddick was host, the rest of the crew has decided to go on with the show.

Some Hansen highlights: when he asked what Kraddick's death means in dollar signs, and when he compared Kraddick's passing to 9/11.

The money comment came up, awkwardly, as he introduced the segment with crew members Big Al, J-Si, Kellie Rasberry and Jenna.

"I played golf with Kidd Kraddick (and a lot of poker too)," Hansen said. "It seems like everything I ever did with him cost me money. But Kraddick's death could be costing a lot of people a lot of money."

His next trip down the rabbit hole was his evocation of the images of 9/11. 

"After 9/11, every comedian, the Lenos and the Lettermans, felt like it was awkward to laugh again," Hansen said. "This morning, when you're trying to do the show without Kidd Kraddick, was it awkward to laugh again?"

Is it fair to compare a terrorist attack with a radio host's passing? In an email, Hansen offered his explanation.

I think it's simple, as I said after 9-11 everyone was afraid to laugh again, thought it was inappropriate to laugh — so I asked in light of Kidd's death — is it awkward to laugh again?

And costing a lot of people money is simply this: Those four people may well be out of a job soon. All the stations and the syndicators involved in his show may well be out of the loop, and those stations will lose money — the syndicators lose money, and his crew loses money. POSSIBLY.

Here's the clip:

Dale Hansen of WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas
Dale Hansen made odd statements in the wake of Kraddick's death. Photo courtesy of WFAA
Kidd Kraddick
Longtime radio personality Kidd Kraddick died at the age of 53.  nydailynews.com