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Barbershop with mechanic theme offers hair tuneups in Richardson

Barbershop with mechanic theme offers hair tuneups in Richardson

Diesel barbershop
Diesel Barbershop in McKinney shows the classic toolboxes that stylists use to store their gear. Photo courtesy of Diesel

CityLine in Richardson has its restaurants, its apartments, its office space, and now it has its barbershop with a gearhead vibe: Diesel Barbershop has opened a location at 1150 State St., next to Good Union BBQ, where a release says it is "revved up and ready to go."

That's clever because Diesel Barbershop has an automotive theme even to the point of stylists storing their scissors, dryers, and other hair paraphernalia in classic red metal toolboxes.

Diesel was founded in San Antonio in 2011 with a theme of providing more than just beard and hair care needs. The release says it's part barbershop, part salon, but also part old school record store, part mechanics garage, and part vintage arcade. That's a lot of parts. Although technically speaking, it's not really part record store or part garage. That's more metaphorical. They do, however, play loud music and you can request songs via an app, sort of like a jukebox. Also, the decor incorporates graffiti-style murals. Rock 'n' roll.

What customers can get are haircuts, beard care, wax, color, shampoo, scalp massage, hot towel face treatment, back of the neck shave, and shoulder massages.

The release says it's "the perfect retreat for a tune-up of any kind." When it comes to clever puns, this release is knocking it out of the park. Although, instead of "knocking it out of the park," we should maybe say the release is "winning the Grand Prix." Two can play this game, release.

Garrett Watkins, who owns the franchise with his brother Spencer, says they're fans of the CityLine complex with all its various offerings and amenities.

"We knew we wanted to open our new franchise somewhere that was well populated and exuded excitement, and CityLine fits those qualities perfectly," Garrett says.

They're celebrating a grand opening on May 5 from 4-9 pm and are holding a raffle giving away five free haircuts for a year.

Other Diesel locations in the Dallas area are at Hillcrest Village near Addison, McKinney, and Frisco. Thr are also locations in San Antonio, Austin, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh.