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Cozy additions and calming colors top Zillow's 2022 home trends in Dallas

Cozy additions, calming colors top Zillow's 2022 home trends in Dallas

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Natural light, calming colors, and soft furnishings are in store for 2022. Photo courtesy of Kuper Sotheby's International Realty

Safe, healthy, comfortable, and calm — all things we want in 2022, no? Zillow certainly agrees, with its home trend experts predicting projects that encourage renewal in the new year.

"The pandemic forced a lot of people to re-evaluate what's most important in their lives and in their homes," says Zillow home trends expert Amanda Pendleton. "For many, 2022 is the moment to start living those values. That could be investing in sustainable home features, designing a space with well-being in mind, or leaning into comfort and function over high style."

Using its housing market data and analyses, Zillow identified the top seven home trends for 2022.

Down-to-earth colors
We're drawing calm from color this year, as hues inspired by Mother Nature dominate everyone's wish list. Greens, blues, taupes, and browns are in, as proven by Breezeway, Behr's 2022 Color of the Year. The silvery green shade is inspired by the earth's beauty and reminiscent of sea glass found on the shores of salty beaches.

If selling is on your 2022 to-do list, consider bringing these natural tones into your home. Zillow's interior paint color analysis found homes with light blue bathrooms could sell for 1.6 percent more than expected, or nearly $5,000 on a typical U.S. home. Meanwhile, dark, moody blues in the bedroom could sell for a nearly $1,500 premium.

Go green
Younger homeowners are especially conscious of sustainable features and products, and they're willing to put their money out to prove it.

First Insight's The State of Consumer Spending found that younger generations are the most likely to make purchase decisions based on their values and principles, and the Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and GenZ Survey found that nearly one-third of respondents started or deepened consumer relationships with businesses that benefit the environment.

Sustainable home features can make a home more energy efficient and less wasteful, and are associated with homes that sell faster, too. Zillow research finds that home listings with descriptions mentioning "eco," "energy efficient," or similar terms have sold more than two days faster than expected.

Listings that mention drought-resistant features sold 13 days faster, and smart sprinkler systems and double pane windows installed for energy conservation were associated with homes selling more than a week quicker than expected.

Very vintage
With sustainability top of mind and supply chain issues persisting, homeowners are turning to secondhand furniture and decor. Just like fashion from the '90s is back, throwback home design is back.

But instead of replicating Granny's house, younger homeowners will find comfort in design trends they grew up with — but with a modern twist. For example, faux paint finishes are updated with plaster finishes, wallpaper is in style again with contemporary and geometric patterns, and all-wood kitchens are back — although cherry cabinets have given way to white oak.

Comfy and cozy
We're still spending a lot of time at home, so furniture that feels good is overtaking pieces that simply look good.

Curved couches and rounded corners are everywhere, with nubby fabric upholstery — versus leather — becoming all the rage, ottomans replacing sharp-edged coffee tables, and cozy accent chairs that hug the body showing up in rooms across the country.

Renovation right now
Longtime homeowners and recent movers alike will be doubling down on their current homes and making improvements to meet their new, evolving needs.

A survey of homeowners found that nearly three-fourths would consider at least one home improvement project in the next year. These projects include adding or improving a home office space (31 percent), finishing a basement or attic (23 percent), adding another room (23 percent), and putting in another dwelling unit, such as a backyard cottage or guest house (21 percent).

Supply and labor shortages mean that homeowners will become more creative: turning garages into full-scale home gyms, transforming sheds into home offices, and even clearing out old clothes from closets to make room for "cloffices."

Mental health at home
It's been a tough two years, and people are prioritizing mental health. This could mean creating retreats within their homes, such as private spaces for meditation or reflection, reading nooks, and spa-inspired bathroom escapes. Retreat features, such as a "she shed," can help a home sell for 2.2 percent more than expected, while a freestanding bathtub can contribute to a home selling for a 2.6 percent premium.

Natural light will also be a priority, especially in home offices and common spaces, while indoor plants will continue to be popular for their soothing properties.

Pet projects
As more people bring home furry friends, they will be designing their homes with their pets in mind. Zillow research found that pet ownership among recent movers soared over the past year, impacting housing decisions. Nearly three-fourths of home buyers report having at least one pet at home (73 percent), up from the 64 percent of buyers who reported having a pet in 2020.

Zillow research finds homes with a doghouse often sold for more than expected last year, while homes with a fenced yard or dog run sold faster than similar homes without these features. Look for pet owners to invest in custom feeding stations, built-in pet beds, and even pet playrooms in the new year.