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Dallas lands high on the list of best places for tech jobs

Dallas lands high on the list of best places for tech jobs

Dallas skyline downtown during day
According to a new survey, Dallas-Plano-Irving is the 11th best place in the nation for tech jobs. Texas Wide Open for Business/Facebook

North Texas generally gets high marks for its job market, and one sector in particular has risen to the top of late. After examining the nation’s 370 largest metro areas, NerdWallet determined that Dallas-Plano-Irving ranks No. 11 among the best places for tech jobs.

Here’s the what number crunchers looked at: the number of tech jobs — software and Web developers, computer and information research scientists, aerospace and biotech, etc. — per 1,000 employees, as well as the annual mean salary for tech jobs in each area. NerdWallet also looked at median rent to see how far the average income went in every city.

In Dallas, there are 50.26 tech employees per 100 jobs, and those professionals are making an average $86,579.70 per year; compare that to the national mean of $70,500. A median rent of $908 means those dollars go far too.

NerdWallet also notes that although some of the top tech hubs were expected — Silicon Valley, Seattle and No. 9 Austin — tech companies are thriving elsewhere in the company, including Washington, D.C.; Boston; and Huntsville, Alabama.

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