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Dallas scores Amazon same-day delivery

Dallas scores Amazon same-day delivery

Score another one for living in Dallas. Amazon announced today that it will add Dallas to its growing list of cities eligible for same-day delivery. Los Angeles and San Francisco also made the cut, bringing the total number of same-day cities served to 12.

Dallas customers must place their order by 12:15 pm to be guaranteed same-day delivery, which will occur by 9 pm. The afternoon cutoff is the latest order deadline and is available only in five cities nationwide.

 Dallas customers must place their order by 12:15 pm to be guaranteed same-day delivery.

To get same-day delivery in Chicago, Amazon customers have to place their order by 7 am; In New York and Philadelphia, the cutoff is 8 am.

Because not all goods are eligible for speedy shipping, Amazon added a search filter for same-day compatible items. Amazon has historically used UPS and FedEx to deliver packages, but it's rumored the company may begin employing its own delivery trucks.

Although the prospect of same-day development is exciting, there's no guarantee it will stick around in Dallas. Amazon recently removed same-day service from Las Vegas after deeming it too expensive.

However, expedited delivery is not untested in Dallas. eBay launched its one-hour shopping program eBay Now in December 2013. The service area spans as far east as Sunnyvale, as far north as Frisco and McKinney, and as far west as Irving.

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Amazon added Dallas to its same-day delivery cities. Photo by
1 Amazon drone December 2013
Drone delivery may still be a pipe dream, but same-day delivery is here now. DJGabrielPresents/YouTube