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Parking Panda gives Dallas drivers digital edge to snag best spaces

Parking Panda gives Dallas drivers digital edge to snag best spaces

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Parking Panda guarantees you will have a spot no matter how busy a parking lot is.  Wikicommons

Driving in the country can be a relaxing, even therapeutic experience. But city driving can lead to an ulcer — and that’s before trying to find a place to park. A new service to Dallas called Parking Panda aims to relieve the stress of finding a spot in busy areas.

Using Panda’s website or mobile app, drivers can browse a collection of parking lots based on price and location and reserve a spot. Not only are you guaranteed entry into a lot — even if it’s sold out — but you also don’t need to bring cash with you since you pay electronically when you make your reservation.

Parking Panda launched in Dallas and Houston on July 22. To find nearby spots, enter your location or use the website to browse popular locations including American Airlines Center or the AT&T Performing Arts Center. You can also search by neighborhoods, restaurants and hotels, sign up for monthly parking or browse for a specific event, concert or game.

The service offers exclusive discounts to users and makes money by taking 20 percent of each transaction. For entrepreneurial individuals looking to get in on the parking cash cow, Parking Panda allows anyone to rent out a private space, including driveways.

Simply upload a picture of your spot and set a price. The site lets you know when someone has rented it. Money may not grow on trees, but concrete could prove to be fertile financial ground in the parking-starved streets of Dallas.