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Dallas-based Reel FX Animation Studios opens new office in Canada

Dallas-based Reel FX Animation Studios opens new office in Canada

The Book of Life
Reel FX film The Book of Life was nominated for a Golden Globe. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Reel FX

Dallas' Reel FX Creative Studios, the animation and film studio based in Deep Ellum, is expanding its reach all the way to Canada. The studio, whose work includes both commercial projects as well as films such as the award-winning The Book of Life, is opening a satellite office in the beautiful metropolis of Montreal.

CEO Steve O'Brien confirms that the Montreal office is opening and staffing is underway.

"We're just hoping to diversify and to tap into different talent pools," O'Brien says. "Montreal has a thriving community of artists, animators, and visual effects people. The city has a big filmmaking industry, as well as incentives to do business there."

Among the studio's new projects include an animated feature called Ugly Dolls, directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Desperado, Spy Kids). Some of the production on that film will take place at the new Montreal location.

Based in Dallas for more than 20 years, Reel FX has collaborated with Warner Bros., Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal, and Google, among others, on short films, music videos, branded content, and full-length animated features.

20th Century Fox released The Book of Life in 2014. Its success has spawned more original production for Reel FX, including a Book of Life sequel that was announced in June. Reel FX will reunite with original director Jorge R. Gutierrez to make a sequel in stereoscopic 3D.

The studio is also in development on another animated film titled Kung Fu Space Punch, that's being planned as a movie but which could also become a mini-series.

Montreal is not the only office move underway; the company recently relocated its California office from Santa Monica to Hollywood. "With most of the studios there or in Burbank, we just want to be closer to our customers," O'Brien says.