Unbranded 2015
Unbranded Is Back

Unbranded pop-up hooks high-profile partners for downtown Dallas reprise

Unbranded pop-up hooks notable partners for downtown Dallas reprise

Unbranded in Deep Ellum
A scene from last year's Unbranded in Deep Ellum. Courtesy photo
1600 Commerce St. in Dallas
The site of the upcoming Unbranded in downtown Dallas. Courtesy photo
Matt Alexander, Bryan DeLuca at Unbranded final happy hour
Unbranded co-founders Matt Alexander (left) and Bryan DeLuca. Photo by Andrew Arceri
Unbranded in Deep Ellum
1600 Commerce St. in Dallas
Matt Alexander, Bryan DeLuca at Unbranded final happy hour

Unbranded, the innovative pop-up concept from Dallas entrepreneurs Matt Alexander (Need, Foremost) and Bryan DeLuca (Foot Cardigan) returns for a second year in what promises to be a bigger and better event. For starters, they’ve graduated to a space in downtown Dallas, at 1600 Commerce St., across from Neiman Marcus.

Alexander and DeLuca have netted some impressive partners for their 2015 edition, including Downtown Dallas Inc. A couple more, with strong ties to downtown, will be announced in the coming days.

Like last year, they intend to provide free space to a curated group of entrepreneurs, designers, developers, coffee roasters, photographers, and artists, to boost their exposure to the public. Unbranded will run for the months of November and December.

The duo will enlist a group of what Alexander calls “the city’s most influential people” to help them select the participants, from brands and creatives who want to exhibit their wares or for groups to host events. They will begin accepting applications at Weareunbranded.com on October 8.

Exhibitors will receive the space free of charge for one to two weeks; they can use that time to sell products, display artwork, or any such similar activity. Unbranded will take no cut of sales. Instead, it will freely provide press, foot traffic, and support.

Unbranded will bring in a full-time staff and welcome the public to browse, buy, or just hang with a cup of coffee. Last year participants at the Deep Ellum space included Ministry of Supply, Edo Popken, Lilco Letterpress, Akola Project, and Cykochik.

“We learned a lot of lessons after our first outing with Unbranded,” says DeLuca, who will appear on the popular show Shark Tank on October 9, in a release. “So, this year, it will be fully staffed, we’ve got a larger space, we’ve got a laundry list of partners — both for curation of brands and for facilitating the pop-up — and we’re ready for brands and concepts from all over the country.

“Both Matt and I are busy with our holiday efforts with our respective companies but believe this is an important project. And, evidently, a lot of other people agree.”

Speaking of their respective companies, Need, Foremost, and Foot Cardigan will have a presence at Unbranded. And the pop-up will host regular events such as happy hours in addition to acting as a store.

Consumers can sign up for more information at Weareunbranded.com. Those who sign up early will receive wristbands in November that ensure special discounts and perks at Unbranded and other surrounding storefronts and restaurants.

Unbranded will open in early to mid-November. Look to CultureMap, Unbranded’s returning media partner, for updates.