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Hoping for a Tinder match this Thanksgiving? Odds are good in Dallas.

Hoping for a Tinder match this Thanksgiving? Odds are good in Dallas.

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Thanksgiving is a busy time for Tinder users. Tinder/Facebook

Dallasites who are home for the holidays are likely looking to visit with their families, indulge in a Thanksgiving meal, and maybe take part in a few extra "right swipes." The social dating app Tinder says that traffic jumped by 23 percent on the site nationally last Thanksgiving weekend compared to non-holiday weekends, and in Dallas the numbers were even higher.

Big D ranks near the top of a list of cities with the highest likelihood of matches over the long Thanksgiving weekend, coming in at No. 4, with a 38 percent surge. Houston ranks even higher, at No. 2, with a 41 percentage increase, just behind Detroit, with a 54 percent spike. 

Tinder sociologist Jess Carbino speculates that holiday matches might be more likely because we're in familiar surroundings around people with roots similar to our own.

“People typically tend to be attracted to those with a similar demographic background — from age, occupation, education, and more. Individuals who grow up in the same areas are more likely to have shared experiences, making home a great place for singles with similar values to connect," Carbino explained in a statement.

Nationally, there were 2.3 billion swipes during the Thanksgiving holidays last year, Tinder reports.  Of those swipes, more than 17 million matches were made.