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This affluent Dallas suburb nails down more home-building permits than Frisco

Affluent Dallas suburb nails down more building permits than Frisco

Celina new home
New home developments are springing up all over Celina. Facebook/City of Celina

For years, Frisco has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the state and the country. Naturally, a building boom has accompanied that growth.

Now, though, another Dallas suburb is outpacing Frisco in home construction.

Through May 31 this year, Celina issued 1,352 residential building permits, according to a City of Celina news release. By comparison, nearby Frisco issued 1,283 permits during the same five-month period. Put another way, Celina handed out 5.4 percent more residential building permits than Frisco did.

“Celina is positioned geographically, demographically, and economically to quickly become one of the largest communities in North Texas,” the city’s news release says.

Celina — about 40 miles north of Dallas — is also one of the most affluent suburbs.

In January, a ranking from data provider HomeSnacks showed Celina catapulted 11 spots — from No. 14 to No. 3 — on the newest list of Texas’ wealthiest cities. Median household income sits at $124,375, the survey showed, the unemployment rate is 1 percent, and the poverty rate is 0.7 percent.

Projections show Celina’s population eventually will reach 378,000. The city estimates the current population at 28,000. With an estimated population of 209,194, Frisco is about 10 times bigger than Celina.

Celina “is growing at a pace beyond what anyone would have expected,” City Manager Jason Laumer says in the news release. “While we welcome this growth, this city must grow in a way that allows us to maintain our longstanding culture. As Celina grows, the city is committed to guarding the very heart that makes this community the greatest place to live.”

Fueling this growth are projects like the Villages of Uptown, a nearly 700-acre development in Celina that will accommodate 2,500 single-family homes.