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This is how much space you can rent for $1,500 in Dallas right now

This is how much space you can rent for $1,500 in Dallas right now

Uptown Dallas apartments with skyline
Are Dallas renters still living large? HIgs2006/Getty Images

Dallas rents have steadily increased in recent years, but Big D still offers a pretty good bang for your buck, at least according to one recent report.

The team at PropertyClub sought out to see how much $1,500 gets renters in 50 top global destinations now versus five years ago. They chose the cities based on A.T. Kearney's 2019 Global Cities Index and calculated the average one-bedroom rent using data from Numbeo and a standard apartment size of 600 square feet.

In 2014, Dallas renters paid $1.70 per square foot, meaning $1,500 afforded 881 square feet of living space. Today, local renters can get only 626 square feet for $1,500, as the price per square foot has jumped to $2.40.

Despite the shrinking square-footage, Dallas clocks in as the most affordable U.S. city in the report, tied with Houston. 

"The least expensive cities to rent in, based on our ranking, are Dallas and Houston, where $1,500 a month will get you 626 square feet of living space," says the report.

Houston renters are actually living larger these days. In 2014, renters paid $2.56 per square foot, but that figure has since dropped to $2.39. Now, you can get 626 square feet in Houston for $1,500, compared to only 585 square feet five years ago.

But not everything's bigger in Texas. The report goes on to say the 626 square feet is "still well below what cities outside the U.S. have to offer, and as it turns out, the two Texas cities are pricier than Paris, Rome, Melbourne, Tokyo, Montreal, and Beijing, among many others." 

San Francisco is home to the tightest living quarters among the global cities studied. With a price per square foot of $5.75, renters there get only 261 square feet for $1,500.