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Ramen restaurant with focus on quality lands in downtown Arlington

Ramen restaurant with focus on quality lands in downtown Arlington

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Photo by Eric Sandler

There's an ambitious new ramen concept in town. Called Kintaro Ramen, it will open at 101 E. Abram St., in downtown Arlington, on the street level of a new residential building that's on the site of the former Arlington Public Library.

Kintaro is from Han Le, who is opening his first restaurant and says he's excited to be part of the downtown Arlington neighborhood.

"Arlington is a city undergoing much growth and revitalization," Le says in a statement. "I believe this is the perfect time to bring a new concept to add a little culinary diversity to that part of town."

The menu is small, but offers well executed bowls at an approachable price point.

Ramen will be available in three versions:

  • Tonkotsu. A silky, luscious tonkotsu broth inspired by the Fukuoka pork broths and cooked for 48 hours to extract all the flavor from the bone, cartilage, and marrow.
  • Chintan. A full-bodied chintan broth inspired by the Tokyo whole chicken broths blended with a selection of dry fish and soy sauce. The chintan broth will be completely pork free.
  • Miso. A miso broth with pork and chicken and koji red miso tare.

They'll also have a ramen special that changes every month, starting in April.

Le says their goal is to stay true to the flavor by limiting the toppings available to each broth.

"We are not looking at creating a build-your-own or catch all ramen, but instead to cater a unique flavor experience," he says.

His goal is to be on a level with what he believes are the area's better shops including Hinodeya, Ichigoh, and Marufuku.

In addition to ramen, they'll do gyoza filled with pork; chicken karaage; steamed chashu buns; and seaweed salad.

There are two entrees: panko-crusted pork chop with steamed rice, and Nikujaga short rib like a stew with potato, carrot, and shiitake mushrooms, served with shirataki noodles.

There are two desserts: matcha green tea ice cream with Fruity Pebbles, and creme brulee.

They'll also serve sake and Asian beers.

They'll be open daily for lunch and dinner, with late hours Thursday through Saturday until midnight and hope to open in mid-February.