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Downtown Dallas loses fancy tarts with closure of bakery from France

Downtown Dallas loses fancy tarts with closure of bakery from France

La Tarte Tropezienne
Downtown Dallas was the only place in the U.S. a person could get this tart. Courtesy photo

The tarts have left town: World-famous French bakery café La Tarte Tropézienne, known for its unusual cream-filled tarts, has closed its location in downtown Dallas.

Dallas was the first-ever storefront for La Tarte outside of France. It opened in 2020, next to/beneath the Hotel Joule, at 1604 Main St., to ply its legendary Tropézienne cream tartes.

The bakery posted a closure sign on its door January 10, stating that it was "CLOSED," but that something special was coming in to replace it.

The owners did not respond to a request for more info. A spokesperson for the Joule said that plans for the space were still to be revealed.

La Tarte Tropézienne was founded in 1955 in the village of Saint-Tropez. The signature pastry was the Tarte Tropézienne, with a blend of two creams piped onto a brioche and sprinkled with sugar. The recipe was said to be a closely kept secret, known by only three people in the world.

La Tarte Tropézienne also did viennoiseries and pastries, including eclairs, croissants, pain au chocolate, brioche, and fruit tarts, plus sandwiches, salads, charcuterie boards, and croissants.

Prices could be a little high. A bite-sized Tartlette Tropezienne was $2.25, and croissants, in plain, chocolate, and almond, were $3.50-$4.25.

But it was a cool cosmopolitan little spot in downtown with a real sidewalk scene, and a nice place to have a glass of wine.