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New restaurant in northwest Dallas will serve spicy hot chicken 'til 4 am

New restaurant in northwest Dallas will serve hot chicken 'til 4 am

S&J's Hot Chick
That is a hot chicken sandwich with pickles. Photo courtesy of S&J's

The hot chicken keeps coming at us, this time with a new independently-owned restaurant opening in northwest Dallas. Called S&J's Hot Chick, it's opening at 2201 W. Northwest Hwy., #120, where it will serve the spicy hot chicken that has become one of the past year's biggest trends in Dallas, with a menu of chicken sandwiches, chicken strips, sides, and shakes.

S&J's is from a team and group of friends with chicken savvy, and includes the owners of Big Guys Chicken and Rice, a halal-style chicken spot that opened in Deep Ellum in 2016.

Kim Nabors, who is one of the owners, says they're thrilled to finally be opening in February.

"We discovered hot chicken and fell in love with it," she says. "We dedicated a couple of years to getting the details and recipes right."

That included adding a chef to their team: Nathan Black, formerly at Pink Magnolia, chef Blythe Beck's Southern restaurant in Oak Cliff which closed after COVID-19.

"We wanted our chicken to be different and really focus on the taste," Nabors says. "With this category, there tends to be a lot of focus on the heat, but you lose track of the flavors. We're bringing that out."

Their menu features six sandwiches including a quintessential deep fried chicken, fish sandwich, bunless chicken sandwich, and a vegan option with deep-fried mushroom, whose meaty texture and mild flavor makes it a favorite substitute for meat.

Sides include mac & cheese and fries, which can be ordered plain or in three seasoning options: ranch, Cajun, and garlic parmesan.

Milkshakes are highly creative. "One is a play on a Grandma's classic cookie urned into a milkshake form," she says. "We have another that's more of a candy milkshake, like a candy store turned into a milkshake."

Dessert will be Nabors' special banana pudding, sourced from a beloved family recipe. "People who have had my banana pudding are really into it, and I'm going to be selling it for first time."

The restaurant is small, with a few tables inside and out, although they'll limit dining-in when they first open, due to COVID-19.

One asset they'll have is long hours: They'll be open until 4 am with a walk-up window for after hours.

"There's a lot of gentlemen's clubs over in that area and other neighbors, and one thing we've heard is that there's nothing to eat after 2 am," she says.