Cedar Springs Ambition

Fort Worth's Winslow's Wine Cafe uncorks Dallas offshoot on Cedar Springs

Fort Worth wine haunt uncorks Dallas offshoot on Cedar Springs

Winslow's in Dallas will do wine and more. Photo courtesy of ehpien

Famed Fort Worth wine haunt Winslow's Wine Cafe has staked a location in Dallas. A broader-themed cousin called Winslow's will open in late February, at 3908 Cedar Springs Rd., in the old Buli Cafe space that was most recently Daily Juice. 

The concept will expand on what Winslow's Wine Cafe does with morning hours for juices, smoothies and coffee.

"We opened Daily Juice there in June 2014," says owner Joe Berry. "We invested a lot of money in that space, but doing organic juices just wasn't enough. Before we went in there, it was Buli, and we still had people coming in and asking for coffee."

He also wanted to provide a spot where someone could get an affordable glass of wine in a casual atmosphere.

"We heard this from people in the neighborhood," he says. "You have the bars, and the Library inside the Melrose Hotel, and Dish, an upscale restaurant, but nothing in between — nothing that's a casual, practical neighborhood place."

The hours and menu are ambitious, running from breakfast through late dinner. The menu will be overseen by chef Michael Watkins, who joined Winslow's last year.

"It's Winslow's with the subtitle 'wine, cocktails, eats and breakfast sandwiches,'" Berry says. "We'll do cappuccinos, coffees, smoothies, juices, egg sandwiches, bagels and grapefruit. We'll have panini sandwiches at lunch, wood-fired pizza and a full bar with craft cocktails."

They'll incorporate some of the Fort Worth Winslow's touches too. "We'll have half the wine list as Winslow's Wine Cafe, but we'll include some of the cafe's signatures, like the cheese boards, salads, hummus and a couple of small plates," he says.

They've already begun renovations, with a plan to open up the front with big windows and make the most of a strip that Berry observes is on the upswing.

"There's other good things going on, and we feel like we can add something the neighborhood needs," he says. "Just a place to sit with your laptop and have coffee or juice or a nice $7 glass of wine with a cheese board."