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Kooky ice cream shop from Australia floats into Dallas' Victory Park

Kooky ice cream shop from Australia floats into Dallas' Victory Park

Aqua S soft serve ice cream
Soft-serve ice cream cone is surrounded by a halo of cotton candy. aquas_us/Instagram

The soft-serve ice cream trend in Dallas continues with a new international player coming to town: Aqua S, a soft-serve concept all the way from Australia, is expanding to Dallas.

Aqua S originated in Sydney in 2015 and has stores across Asia as well as in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Houston, where it debuted in 2018.

It's being brought to Dallas by a franchisee, Minh Nguyen, and will open in Victory Park, at 2375 Victory Park Ln., #140, a couple doors down from Mesero and almost across from Tristan Simon restaurant Billy Can Can.

Nguyen says that the shop will open in the spring.

"We are very excited for the Victory Park location to open," she says. "We chose Victory Park because it's an urban community in the heart of Dallas that features some of the most unique dining experiences and we wanted to be a part of that. We're looking to open in early March."

Aqua S stores have an arsenal of more than 100 flavors of soft-serve, but usually just three at a time, and one of them is always their signature flavor, sea salt, which is tinted pale aqua. You can get it solo or in a swirl with one of their two other rotating flavors such as hot cocoa and apple cinnamon which they change twice a month,  on the 1st and 16th, almost exactly like CultureMap's monthly restaurant news roundup.

Nguyen says that the two rotation flavors at Dallas will be the same as other shops across the U.S.

"There may be promotional flavors offered at the Dallas location depending on the demands of the customers," she says.

The soft serve cone comes wrapped in a cloud of cotton candy, or what Australians call "fairy floss," onto which treats such as candied popcorn are sprinkled, with toasted marshmallow on a stick. If you look at videos, it seems very complicated. The trend originated in 2017 at Asian soft-serve shops in Southern California, Asia, and Australia.

Cones are not cheap, coming in at about $5.

The chain is in expansion mode. A location opened in New Orleans in December, and there's another location coming to Houston's Heights neighborhood in the spring.