Dixie House Farewell

Stalwart home-cooking restaurant in Lakewood center gets the ax

Stalwart home-cooking restaurant in Lakewood center gets the ax

Pot roast
Lakewood is about to say goodbye to one of its restaurant stalwarts.  Photo courtesy of Dixie House

More bad news for home-cooking fans, as Lakewood restaurant old-timer Dixie House is being shut down. According to a sign posted on the door, the restaurant will close on January 29.

Dixie House's demise follows the early-January closure of sibling restaurant Black Eyed Pea on Cedar Springs Road. Parent company Restaurants Acquisition filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December.

But according to the Lakewood Advocate, Dixie House is being forced out by landlord Lincoln Properties, which had the restaurant on a month-by-month lease while it shopped for new tenants. Lincoln Properties did not respond to a request for comment.

Dixie House spokesperson Wes Oliver stated in January that the restaurant was a "core store" designated to stay open despite the bankruptcy, unless they were forced to leave by the landlord.

The restaurant's manager, Scott Pendleton, told the Advocate that the staff learned of the closure via their corporate parent, which has not ruled out re-opening in a different location.

Dixie House was in the center of Lakewood for 35-plus years where it served a menu mostly similar to Black Eyed Pea but with some unique items that dated back to its early days.

Many loved it as a place to get a healthy four-vegetable plate; as one of Dallas' best neighborhood restaurants, with its pot roast with gravy and mashed potatoes; and as a top 10 spot to take out-of-town guests, thanks to its home-cooking menu, which we called "one of Dallas' indigenous cuisines."

A Dixie House experience can still be had for those willing to drive to Tarrant County, where five Dixie House Cafes that are not part of the Black Eyed Pea family remain open.