Grocery Comeback

Greenville Avenue healthy grocer stages cunning comeback

Greenville Avenue healthy grocer stages cunning comeback

Green Grocer in Dallas
Green Grocer is back with a new name and a new plan. Green Grocer/Facebook

Fans of Green Grocer on Greenville Avenue can turn that frown upside down, as the little market that could is staging an unusual comeback by staying open as a mini-version of itself.

The new concept is called GG Micro Market, and it will have limited hours and a smaller staff. Co-owner Cassie Green says that it's their creative way of solving a dilemma.

"We were unable to create a profitable or sustainable business in our first iteration, but that was with expenses on a seven-day-a-week, 13-hour-a-day operation with multiple departments," she says. "It was too much.

"However, we still have a lease on the space for more than a year. After thinking about how to cover that payment and hearing the outcry from our customer friends about our closing, we decided to create a micro version."

That means they'll sell what she calls their "greatest hits," with limited hours and a skeleton crew.

"We will have the juice/coffee/smoothie bar open and will have quarts of bone broth along with meats and our popular items," she says. They won't have their deli, but she's not ruling that out for the future.

In early January, the store announced that it would have to close, despite her efforts and those from the community to keep it afloat. Green and her husband, Gary Stephens, founded Green Grocer in Chicago, then opened the second branch on Greenville Avenue in 2012. Their focus remains on selling organic, sustainable, and non-GMO goods.

The new identity begins this week. On January 26, they'll be open from 5-7 pm for bone broth and discount items, then begin their new hours on January 27: Wednesday-Friday, 1 to 7 pm; Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm; and Sunday, 10 a-4 pm. They'll close on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Green says they're still exploring options for partners on the space. "But for now, we'll continue working with our wonderful vendors and our customers," she says. "We hope that this version will be viable. If it is, when our lease on this place is up, we will certainly consider finding a more suitable space here in Dallas."