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Fun restaurant dedicated to all things avocado opens at Dallas' Trinity Groves

Fun restaurant dedicated to all things avocado opens at Trinity Groves

Guacamole sampler. Photo courtesy of AvoEatery
Caprese avocado toast. Photo courtesy of AvoEatery
Steak & avocado salad. Photo courtesy of AvoEatery
Waldorf avocado toast. Photo courtesy of AvoEatery

West Dallas restaurant incubator Trinity Groves has scored a good one with its newest restaurant. Called AvoEatery, it's being called the world's first full-service restaurant focused entirely on fresh avocados, and according to a release, it will open on Thursday January 30.

They'll open softly: from 6-10 pm until February 14, then 11 am-10 pm beginning February 15.

Located at 3011 Gulden Ln., #116 — the former Casa Rubia space — AvoEatery will feature a menu in which all the dishes include fresh avocado in some way, and a full bar that will also include have avocado in its cocktails.

"We created AvoEatery because we believe fresh avocados are more than just a fruit; they are an experience that is always worth it, elevating every dish to new heights," the release says.

Avocados are everywhere, from the décor to the menu, including the obvious avocado toast; salads featuring unique avocado applications like grilled avocados; and even avocado desserts.

The restaurant is a partnership between Trinity Groves founder Phil Romano and Avocados From Mexico, a subsidiary of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA), formed for the purpose of advertising, promotion, and public relations.

Speaking of, did you know that Avocados From Mexico supplies 84 percent of the US market? It's true.

The restaurant also will serve as a living lab, enabling AFM to test new avocado dishes and cocktails. The launch follows other AFM concepts including avocado-centric concession stands at American Airlines Center and Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

The menu includes greatness such as a guacamole flight with five choices including mild, medium, hot, hummus, and egg. Avocado and corn hush puppies, avocado fries, avocado and beet tartare, ceviche, and spring rolls with shrimp, bacon, basil, and avocado.

There are six avocado toasts:

  • traditional with mashed avocado, lemon, and sea salt
  • maple smoked salmon with capers and eggs
  • ham & cheese with avocado pimento cheese and Serrano ham
  • labneh toast with za'atar, pistachios, mint, and house-made labneh
  • Caprese
  • Waldorf toast with apple butter, bleu cheese, and candied walnuts.

Salads and bowls include an avocado and steak salad; Asian avocado shrimp salad; farro salad with maple farro, arugula, pomegranates, and candied walnuts; and a grilled avocado bowl with quinoa, zucchini, spinach, pistachios, and feta.

Entrees include salmon with an avocado-mango salsa; avocado chicken curry with basmati rice; steak frites with a New York strip and an avocado herb butter; and spaghetti squash & zoodles, a brilliant faux-pasta veggie combo with grilled avocado and butternut squash.

Desserts include white chocolate avocado popsicles, a chocolate-avocado brownie with avocado-vanilla ice cream; and chocolate-avocado mousse with Kate Weiser chocolate.

The cocktails are all an avocado feast, with avocado-flavored bitters, shrubs, purees, and even frozen avocado ice cubes. An old-fashioned has avocado chocolate bitters. (There are also traditional cocktails, sans avocado, for the wimps.)

Cocktails include a whole subset of Spritzers such as the Think Pink with gin, lemon juice, and Cava Brut Rose. Beers are a mix of local and classic labels, and wines are an intriguing mix from around the world.

Decor is avocado-y too — lots of green. The restaurant was designed to look like a living avocado grove, with lamps that emulate the fruit coming down from the trees, and the intertwining of wood shapes in the outdoor spaces to resemble an avocado grove with trees around.

The restaurant will offer lunch and dinner seven days a week, and brunch coming soon.