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Flatbread pizzeria in iconic space on Dallas' Greenville Avenue closes

Flatbread pizzeria in iconic space on Dallas' Greenville Avenue closes

Flatbread Co
You can no longer  order this tempting flatbread. Photo courtesy of Flatbread

A Greenville Avenue pizzeria with New England roots has closed: Flatbread Company, the restaurant at 1720 Greenville Ave. that took over the famed Firestone space, closed in mid-January, according to a representative from the owners.

"Things were looking good in the fall of 2021, but then omicron came along and we had a COVID winter with no business," says the representative. "COVID-19 pushed us over the edge."

The restaurant opened in early 2020, with a cool menu of wood-fired pizza, fresh organic salads, and old-fashioned desserts. They did thin-crust pizza, with a puffed crust around the edge, with dough is made fresh daily from organic wheat.

Their pepperoni was nitrate-free, and their mushrooms organic. They also had a vegan/dairy-free pizza with onions, mushrooms, and Kalamata olives. Desserts included a brownie sundae and chocolate chip banana bread.

Their arrival was a big deal since it took over the Firestone building, which moved down the street, ironically, to the former Goodyear space. The pizzeria was a partnership with Boston-based Flatbread Co., who began franchising in 2016 with locations as widespread as Hawaii and British Columbia.

However, according to a Flatbread Company spokesperson, the company went through some big changes.

"In June of 2021, Flatbread Company decided to leave the franchise arena by separating off and selling the American Flatbread brand to our former president John Meehan," the spokesperson says.

The restaurant's ownership also owns the building, and the rep says they're exploring other options for the space.