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Yogi's to bring unusual combo of sushi + sports to Dallas' Casa Linda Plaza

Yogi's to bring unusual combo of sushi + sports to Dallas' Casa Linda

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A far-east Dallas shopping center is about to get a new concept featuring sushi, with a little sports on the side.

Called Yogi's Sushi Bar, it'll open in Casa Linda Plaza, on the southeast corner, along the same strip as Natural Grocers and Starbucks.

Yogi represents a collaboration between Dan Barbara, who founded Yogi's Home Plate sports bar in Lake Highlands; and Armando Ramirez, owner of Deep Sushi, the venerable sushi bar in Deep Ellum.

It'll combine Barbara's hospitality/sports bar expertise with the caliber of sushi Ramirez has maintained at his Deep Ellum spot since it opened in 1996.

"Armando is my partner at Yogi Sushi and also a partner in Yogi's Home Plate," Barbara says. "We had an idea to make this different from what we've done before. Our thought was to frame it as a sushi place where we'll kill it on the food, but at same time, we'll have 10-15 TVs if you want to watch sports."

"We're taking Yogi's upscale sports bar vibe and mixing it with Armando's obvious expertise on the sushi side to create something new," he says.

They're adding two bars, including a sushi bar to the space, located at 9440 Garland Rd. #130. One surprise: The space contains a secret patio.

"What really makes this location unique is that, on the back side it has one of the best outside patios in that area, you'd never know it if you walked by," Barbara says.

The menu is still under construction, but it'll have sushi and other bites, plus cocktails and beer and wine on tap. They're hoping to be open by March.

They're also taking the Yogi's name and concept, which Barbara debuted as Yogi's Home Plate in Lake Highlands in 2019, in other directions: They have another Yogi's set for Rockwall, but this one will be called Yogi's Dugout, and they hope to open a few more Yogi's around town, each tailored to its neighborhood.