Sugarbacon Gets a Buddy

McKinney's Sugarbacon renders a small spinoff restaurant where sandwiches rule

McKinney's Sugarbacon renders spinoff restaurant where sandwiches rule

New McKinney spot Butcher Board will build on the successes of its big sibling Sugarbacon. Photo courtesy of Sugarbacon

McKinney's Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen is sprouting a little buddy. Called Butcher Board, it will occupy a space adjoining its big sibling, where it will serve sandwiches and to-go foods. It also will have a fun sidewalk patio.

The team is the same, with the management executed by Johnny Carros and the kitchen overseen by chef Jon Thompson, who describes the menu as "simple, chef-driven sandwiches."

"It's all about hand-carved large roasts," Thompson says. "We'll have roasts like porchetta on display on a butcher board, and you can see the show of the guy carving it for your sandwich."

Although the model will be quick-serve, a la Chipotle, the sandwiches will be minimally garnished, Thompson says.

"It's not the assembly line of toppings, but instead chef-driven fully created sandwiches that you can watch be hand-carved," he says.

There'll also be a signature side that utilizes an ingredient from Sugarbacon.

"At Sugarbacon, we do a lot of smoked pork belly where we render out the pork lard, and we've been using that to make potato chips," he says. "So these are smoky lard-fried potato chips."

Butcher Board will sell beer and wine, and maybe some breakfast tacos. Design-wise, the space will have a minimalist feel, but the patio out front will feature vintage 60-year-old Texaco pumps; there used to be a gas station there at one time.

Thompson says they're building on the success of something they've witnessed at Sugarbacon. "Every time we do a sandwich as a special, it kills it," he says.