Fried Chicken

Bbbop puts Southern spin on Korean fried chicken restaurant in Richardson

Bbbop puts Southern spin on Korean fried chicken in Richardson

Chicken Moto
More fried chicken is coming to Dallas. Photo courtesy of Chicken Moto

Dallas' fried chicken scene gets a little bigger with the opening of Chicken Moto, a new concept from the owners of Bbbop Seoul Kitchen.

The restaurant is opening at 2069 N. Central Expy., next door to Cafe Brazil, in a center that's being redeveloped into a kind of food hall concept. Opening is scheduled for the last week of February.

Chicken Moto will be a full-service Korean-inspired fried chicken restaurant from husband and wife Sandy and Greg Bussey, Steve Shin, and Sam Osee (all of Bbbop Seoul Kitchen) who describe it as Texas Southern comfort meets South Korean Seoul food.

"Our fried chicken at Bbbop took off so well that we decided to do a fried chicken place," Sandy Bussey says. "It's basically a Korean fried chicken. It will be very light and super crispy, and basted in a sauce."

There'll be Korean fried chicken offered as a full bird, half bird, or quarter, with choice of dark or light meat, and two glaze options: soy ginger or sweet and spicy chili. You can also get a fried chicken sandwich, or a panko-crusted chicken plate with curry fries.

The chicken comes with choice of sides including cole slaw, butter soy sauce rice, charro beans, and a tangy vinaigrette-dressed potato salad.

Starters include edamame, kimchi queso, taro chips, kale salad, and corn on the cob with Korean spicy mayo.

They've been serving the fried chicken at all of the branches of Bbbop, but wanted to serve it in a different context, with their take on the Southern thing.

That said, there will be no biscuits. "No biscuits," Bussey says. "We're doing Texas toast."