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New bar Cultura Taphouse shares its craft beer passion with Richardson

New bar Cultura Taphouse shares its craft beer passion with Richardson

Cultura AC Cristales
A.C. Cristales has a passion for craft beer. Instagram

A new spot dedicated to craft beer is opening in Richardson. Called Cultura Taphouse, it's a craft beer bar opening across from the big CityLine center at 120 W. CityLine Dr. #600, a space in the Axis 110 apartment complex that was previously occupied by a Burgerim burger place.

According to owner A.C. Cristales, the bar is just a permit approval away from completion, and he's hoping to open in mid-February.

Cristales is a former assistant principal for Garland ISD with a passion for craft beer and a deep-rooted sense of community.

"Dallas-Fort Worth does have craft beer bars, but I wanted to bring it to this neighborhood," he says.

He also has a profound curiosity and drive; in addition to his career in education, he's a public speaker who travels for speaking engagements — an exposure that helped spark his interest further.

"As I visited places like Boston or Chicago, I would always go to breweries, and I love the culture — the way that, regardless of who you are, craft beer places always make you feel welcome. That's what I want to bring," he says.

He's also a connoisseur who loves variety. "I'm one of those guys who doesn't like drinking the same thing all the time," he says.

Cultura will have 30 beers on tap, plus beers to go, including cans and bottles from breweries in Texas and across the U.S. It's not a brewer, but merely a bar that specializes in craft beer. They'll also serve wine, and a limited menu of food via partnerships with local restaurants and food trucks.

"We'll have both local and national brands, hopefully that people never tried, and we'll rotate them to keep introducing new things," he says. "I want a variety, but don't want it to be overwhelming."

Cultura is a family project: He's opening with the support of his mother and his older brother Axel, who is his partner in the venture.

The name, Spanish for "culture," comes from their philosophy that culture can serve as a bridge to inclusiveness.

"Everything extends from your culture — your values, your beliefs, everybody's different, but we're all the same," he says.