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New Plano sweet shop SnoTea will do all the cool exotic desserts

New Plano sweet shop SnoTea will do all the cool exotic desserts

Ribbon shaved ice/snow
Shaved snow is like the cotton candy of ice cream. Courtesy photo

If you're in Plano having a salad at Snappy Salads, being all virtuous, then you can follow that up with a visit to the shop next-door called SnoTea. Located at 5930 W. Park Blvd., just east of the Dallas North Tollway, this new sweet shop will open in March with all the cool dessert trends: bubble tea, shaved snow, and crepes, all in one convenient location.

Owner Kevin Drawe is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and bubble-tea savant who wanted his own business. But he didn't think it wise to put all of his eggs in the bubble tea basket.

"I wanted to do bubble tea, but as a side thing, with my main focus being the shaved snow," he says. "The boba is an add-on."

Shaved snow, also called snow ice, is the Taiwanese treat in which ice is shaved so finely that it becomes light and airy, and dissolves instantly in the mouth — unlike the pebbly, crunchy shaved ice you get at arena concession stands.

"Snow ice is a really creamy shaved ice, so creamy that it's like ice cream," Drawe says. "It's like an ice cream version of cotton candy."

Snow ice uses milk instead of water, so it's not dairy-free, although the milk that's used is generally low-fat. So basically you are getting an extra-creamy dessert that is lower fat than ice cream.

The milk base is made with flavorings added, which is then frozen. When it gets shaved, it comes out in thin ribbons, rather than pellets. In Taiwanese style, you add toppings such as fresh fruit, chocolate syrup, chewy mochi, and condensed milk.

Hedging his bets further, Drawe will also offer crepes. But unlike most creperies, he'll skip savory entrée-type crepes and stick to sweet fillings instead.

"I just want to keep it a dessert store," he says.