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Halal Shack restaurant on Dallas university campus pulls off the impossible

Halal Shack on Dallas university campus pulls off the impossible

Halal Shack
There's something Impossible about this dish. Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

The newest place to find an Impossible burger in town: an eatery on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas. Called The Halal Shack, it's the latest national partner to feature the trendy plant-based burger from Impossible Foods.

The Impossible Burger is the most famous veggie burger in the world. An ingredient called heme gives it a burger-like redness that makes it one of the most believable imitations of ground beef — so convincing that it's pitched not to vegetarians but to diehard meat eaters.

Originally a frenzied cult item available in just a few places, the Impossible burger is now available at numerous restaurants nationwide, including Burger King.

Halal Shack was founded in 2017 and has become a fast-casual staple within colleges and universities. The UTD location opened at the Student Union building at 2601 N. Floyd Rd. in Richardson in late fall 2019, but is also open to the public.

Its menu combines Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, with an American spin. Bowls include the standard rice bowl, plus a bowl with shredded lettuce and a bowl with "zoodles," AKA noodles made from zucchini. If you're not afraid of bread, you can get a wrap made from naan bread, or a "naanadilla," naan topped with ingredients and then pressed flat like a quesadilla.

Fillings include chicken, beef, mix, falafel, or hummus. Toppings include onion, tomato, salsa, and cheese. There are six sauces including white, red, green, tahini, and BBQ.

If all that sounds a bit like the Halal Guys chain, no surprise, since Halal Shack says it draws its inspiration from "the street foods of New York City."

Customers will be able to add Impossible meat to any Halal Shack menu item, including wraps, bowls, salads, and gyros.

The Impossible Burger first became halal-certified in 2018. Halal meats are sourced and prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines.

Halal Shack founder and CEO Jamal Rasoully says in a release that the chain's mission is to unite cultures and people through food, stating, "our partnership with Impossible Foods marks an important milestone in our mission as we continue to expand."

The chain has eight locations in New York, California, and Texas, and has 25 more coming soon. In addition to college campuses, locations can also be found at airports and nontraditional retail spaces where convenience is required.