Doughnuts and Ice Cream

Richardson dessert shop takes doughnuts and ice cream to sweet new heights

Richardson dessert shop takes doughnuts and ice cream to new heights

Black ash ice cream
Black ash ice cream was popularized by Morgenstern’s in New York. Courtesy of Morgenstern's

A new dessert shop will open in Richardson with a combination no sweets lover can resist: doughnuts and soft-serve ice cream. Sweet Daze Dessert Bar will open at 581 W. Campbell Rd., in the former Fadia′s Deli and Bakery, which relocated to a bigger space in Plano.

Sweet Daze is an offshoot of OMG Tacos, spearheaded by Holly Nguyen, who co-owns OMG with Calvin Nguyen, Anthony Luong, and Sean Smith. The team opened their first taqueria in Richardson in 2016 and will open a stand at The Shacks, the food park in Austin Ranch.

"But Sweet Daze is going to be more of my project," she says. "We'll do soft-serve ice cream, and we'll also have doughnuts. There's a lot of opportunity for creativity. We'll have doughnuts with creative toppings, and doughnuts as a cone option with ice cream. We'll also do 'loaded' doughnut holes where you can choose toppings."

Dallas does have Milk & Cream, home to the milky bun, which does doughnut ice cream sandwiches, and Hypnotic Emporium, the doughnut shop that also does ice cream. Dallas also has soft-serve, via Cow Tipping Creamery, the food truck. But Sweet Daze brings a unique perspective, from the doughnut holes to the pairings to its distinctive flavors.

It'll open with four flavors of soft-serve, including a basic vanilla, and three other more intriguing flavors. There'll be ube, aka purple yam, a flavor sometimes found at frozen yogurt shops which has a subtly floral taste; Thai tea, which is sweet and spicy; and cereal flavor, which tastes like the milk left after you finish your bowl of cereal, first popularized by Momofuki Milk Bar in New York. Other flavors on the docket include coconut black ash, which was the rage last summer when introduced by Morgenstern's Ice Cream in New York.

Doughnuts will be regular doughnuts, but with "cute cool toppings," Nguyen says, including sprinkles, marble pattern frosting, and glitter.

They're finishing up construction now, and shooting for a soft opening sometime in April. The decor will be clean and white, but with doughnuts as a decorative motif.

"I always have a ton of ideas, and I love desserts," Nguyen says. "And we like to add new things that you can't already find in Dallas."