Bar Switchup

Bishop Arts team nabs old Amsterdam Bar space in Expo Park

Bishop Arts team nabs old Amsterdam Bar space in Expo Park

The Amsterdam Bar
Among the assets at Amsterdam Bar in Expo Park is a lovely patio. Courtesy of The Amsterdam Bar

Well, that sure didn't take long: A new tenant has been found for the Amsterdam Bar space in Expo Park, which just closed last week.

Meri Dahlke and Michael Hickey of Ten Bells Tavern are bringing a new concept to Dallas. Called Eight Bells Alehouse, it will take a similar approach to Ten Bells, its Bishop Arts bar, by providing a casual atmosphere  to appeal to those seeking a simple cold beer or house made cocktails.

Eight Bells will also provide an "interesting selection" of European-inspired comestibles. Hickey says they're not sure yet of the timetable, other than sometime "soon."

"It's hard to say since we just got the keys," he says. "We were looking for the right space and had been for about a year when this happened to come up. I used to get a beer at Amsterdam myself. The space has great bones but it needs a lot of love. We're going to do some nice things on the finish out. We were in there scrubbing all weekend."

Amsterdam Bar closed on short notice on March 2, after nearly 19 years of business in quiet Exposition Park.

Like its sibling Ten Bells, the name Eight Bells pays a nod to the pub in London that Jack the Ripper used to frequent back in the 19th century.

"It's a tip of the hat to those guys," Hickey says. "That bar was originally called Eight Bells, until Christchurch London across the street changed their chimes to 10, and Eight Bells changed the name."