Uptown Coffee

Uptown Dallas coffee and juice bar rides in with all the hot trends

Uptown Dallas coffee and juice bar rides in with all the hot trends

Brewed and Pressed
Brewed + Pressed has all the hot trends. Courtesy of Brewed and Pressed

There's a different kind of coffee and juice bar coming to the West Village this spring. Called Brewed + Pressed, it will open in the building at 3700 McKinney and feature a menu that's 100 percent organic.

Imagine every healthy dining trend all rolled up into one restaurant and you've got B+P: espresso, plant-based food, cold-pressed juices, organics, almond milk, kale, vegan, raw, chocolate, fermented, sprouted. Plus there are coffee beans by Stumptown Coffee, the famed roaster in Portland, Oregon. This place has it all.

Owner Zach Adell wants to offer food and drink he's seen on the East and West coasts that he can't find in Dallas. The 25-year-old has been in the health and fitness industry since his teens, including a stint as a trainer at Equinox Fitness Club, where he saw that people were not able to achieve their health goals through physical activity alone.

"It made me want to encourage people to consume more raw organic fruits, greens, seaweeds, nuts, and seeds," he says.

His father worked for Brinker for many years, so he grew up around restaurants. For this venture, he has a couple of partners who oversee the business side of things while he does the hands-on management.

To run the kitchen, they've hired Rosmery Menendez, a classically trained, plant-based chef whose experience includes working at concepts based in California by raw food guru and celebrity chef Matthew Kenney.

"It was important to have someone with a clear understanding of ingredients, sourcing, and preparation," Adell says. "We are doing plant-based food with innovative recipes."

Those include popular vegan favorites like sprouted green bowls and chia seed puddings, as well as more complex stuff like sprouting nuts and seeds, and making coconut-milk yogurt they'll ferment and culture themselves.

"We'll also be doing tonic drinks, raw chocolates, and raw pastries, which is Rosmery's specialty, including cheesecakes," he says.

The service aspect is important as well. "We're not just throwing up food and juices on the wall for grab and go," he says. "We'll have the food displayed in a case behind a counter, with the same level of service you'd have at a coffee shop."

The shop will also include a well-stocked retail component, making Brewed + Pressed unique in the realm of coffee shops and juice bars.

"We have an apothecary line out of Northern California that's plant-based, and also a line of ceramics from a Los Angeles artist. They're these amazing, imperfect, minimalist ceramics," he says.

"Our menu is different, our concept is different," he says. "It's not like anything in Dallas."