There's steak

Village Marquee executive chef Andre Natera launches new dinner menu to much fanfare

Andre Natera rolls out new dinner menu at Village Marquee

Bay of Fundy salmon at Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar
Bay of Fundy salmon with cauliflower purée, roasted cauliflower and almond raisin sauce at Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar. Photo by Steve Klekamp
Chef Andre Natera
Chef Andre Natera, in his previous chef coat at Pyramid Grill at the Fairmont. Courtesy photo
Smoked hamachi tartare at Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar
Chef Andre Natera's smoked hamachi tartare with grapefruit “margarita,” cabbage, charred jalapeño and tortilla. Photo by Steve Klekamp
Bay of Fundy salmon at Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar
Chef Andre Natera
Smoked hamachi tartare at Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar

Andre Natera, who joined Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar (that name seems to keep getting longer) in February as executive chef, has launched his dinner menu after weeks of fine-tuning several dishes.

Natera was previously at the Pyramid Restaurant and Bar at the Fairmont Dallas. In a release, he says his menu is inspired by local tastes, and that he is keeping things familiar by using common ingredients with elevated technique and presentation. In other words: There's steak.

His menu shows an infatuation for smoking things that don't usually get smoked, such as beets, tomatoes and hamachi. There's even a "charred tomato water," which, come on, sounds yum.

 His menu shows an infatuation for smoking things that don't usually get smoked, such as beets, tomatoes and hamachi.

He's responded to current trends with a kale-and-spinach salad, because every menu must and should have a kale salad. There is also a Brussels sprouts side dish, which has lately become another must-have.

His big signature dish, which he previewed early on his Facebook page, is his "baked potato" gnocchi starter, with Nueske's bacon, cheddar and sour cream. Notably, he's kept the shrimp and grits that were previous chef Tre Wilcox's trademark, as well as the popular duck spring rolls.

Prices are not cheap. Appetizers run from $12 to $15; entrees are $21 to $38; and steaks are $26 to $55, for a 22-ounce porterhouse.

Village Marquee owner Mark Hearl calls Natera "the perfect fit for this restaurant." Here's his menu.

Ahi tuna crudo with ponzu gel, avocado-jalapeño purée, crispy quinoa 18
Smoked hamachi tartare with grapefruit, cabbage, charred jalapeño 18
Beef carpaccio with arugula, capers, Castelvetrano olives, toast points 14
Cured salmon with charred tomato water, cucumber, chili threads 18
Thai shrimp ceviche with crispy shrimp crackers 17
Chef’s oyster selection jalapeño cilantro mignonette 3.5 each

Smoked beets with farro, hazelnuts, smoked ricotta, mache lettuce 12
Baby iceberg wedge with bacon, cheddar bleu cheese, tomato jam 9
Burrata with speck, croutons, semi dried baby tomatoes 13
Kale and spinach salad with Spanish chorizo, bleu cheese, green apple, freeze dried grapes, barrel aged maple dressing 14

Asparagus risotto crispy artichokes, morel mushrooms, Parmesan 14
Salt and pepper calamari chipotle roasted tomato aioli 14
Scallops and bacon with pork belly, carrot chili purée and caramel 15
Baked potato gnocchi with Nueske's bacon, cheddar and sour cream 12
Creamed spinach ravioli with a spinach-basil velouté 15
Crispy duck spring rolls with red-chili dipping sauce 14

Chef's entrées
Charred lamb loin with cilantro risotto, egg, ancho demi glace 36
Salmon with cauliflower purée, roasted cauliflower, almond raisin sauce 24
Shrimp and grits – mascarpone polenta, smoked tomato, mushroom 22
Halibut with shiitakes, snap peas, wasabi pea sauce 38
Chicken breast with asparagus, bacon barley risotto, smoked tomato sauce 21
Duck breast with citrus glaze, roasted mushrooms and sunchokes 29

Mascarpone fine grits 9
Roasted mushrooms 8
Honey glazed vegetables 8
Gruyere whipped potatoes 9
Grilled asparagus with lemon sauce 9
Truffle or Cajun Parmesan fries 5
Sticky fried Brussels sprouts with Spanish chorizo 9

Annnnd steaks:
6-oz Beeman ranch beef filet 33
8-oz Paso prime grass fed filet 44
14-oz Beeman ranch New York strip 38
20-oz Beeman ranch boneless rib-eye 46
22-oz Beeman ranch bone-in cowboy rib-eye 55
12-oz Smoked bone-in pork chop 26

Those come with your choice of accompaniments, extra charge:
Béarnaise 2
Red wine butter 3
Carpet bag 9
Classic Oscar 9
Foie gras 12