Brunch Or Die

Yes, Dallasites are food snobs, but other Texans are even snobbier

Yes, Dallasites are food snobs, but other Texans are even snobbier

Brisket at Pecan Lodge in Dallas
Pecan Lodge gets a shout out from Travel+Leisure for making Dallas the No. 17 in America for food snobs.  Photo by Tadd Myers

There’s a new list out by Travel+Leisure that ranks America’s top cities for food snobs, and Texas has three representatives out of 20. That’s the good news for Dallas. The bad news is this: Dallas is No. 17. Austin and Houston? Nos. 12 and 1. What the hell, America? Are we not weighting brunch twice as much as other meals anymore?

Even so, we beat out West Coast “best of” darlings Seattle (No. 20) and San Francisco (No. 19) because, according to T+L’s survey takers, “These sports-loving Texans tend to be meat lovers, ranking highly in the survey for both their barbecue (like Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum) and burgers (like the Sugar Burger with jalapeño jam, candied bacon and grilled peaches at Turtle Creek’s Rodeo Goat).”

Okay, fine, guilty as charged. We like meat, but have you ever had meat? It’s great. Turtle Creek is probably embarrassed that T+L decided to call out that part of the creek when it spent so much time getting ready up in the Park Cities.

After talking about how much Dallasites love meat, the magazine gets to the important stuff:

“But they also clean up nicely for brunch, like the green-chile-short-rib scramble or the banana-cream-pie French toast at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District.”

Damn right, Travel+Leisure. And then, a slight stumble:

“To keep abreast of the city’s up-and-comers, go to Trinity Groves, a 15-acre food hall in West Dallas that features permanent pop-up Kitchen LTO, which rotates in a new chef every few months. (The current chef offers a New American menu featuring chicken-fried ribeye).”

That current chef is Blythe Beck, and she’s been at Kitchen LTO for more than a few months now cooking Southern food. At least she does brunch. 

After Houston, Providence, Rhode Island, and Kansas City took Nos. 2 and 3.