Best New Sports Bars

The 6 best new sports bars in Dallas to catch a game

The 6 best new sports bars in Dallas to catch a game

504 Bar & Grille in Dallas
504 Bar & Grille on Greenville Avenue is a sports bar with New Orleans flavor. Photo courtesy of 504 Bar & Grille
Henderson Tap House in Dallas
Henderson Tap House draws in the large crowds. Photo courtesy of Henderson Tap House
Two Trees Dallas
Two Trees is one of Dallas' newest sports bars. Two Trees Dallas/Facebook
DJ's sports bar
DJ's gives those in North Dallas a place to gather and cheer for their teams. Photo courtesy of DJ's
504 Bar & Grille in Dallas
Henderson Tap House in Dallas
Two Trees Dallas
DJ's sports bar

March Madness, baseball, hockey, soccer — even though the Super Bowl is over for the year, there are still lots of sports coming up that demand our attention. So where do you go to watch all these games?

A while back we wrote about five of the best sports bars in Dallas, but it's time for an update. Below are a few more places to pull up a chair, order a drink and some grub, and cheer for your team.

Austin Avenue
The Plano go-to was gutted by a fire in 2011, but it's recently been rebuilt, so it's better than ever (and new in its own way). It's an established gathering spot for local social sports teams, so if you feel the need to join in on a game of flip cup or beer pong, go here.
Atmosphere: Relaxed and casual, with the feel of nostalgia in a brand-new space.
No. of TVs: 12+
Beers on tap: 16+

DJ's Sports Bar and Grille
North Dallas sports fan have been habitually flocking to this spot for its nonstop entertainment, whether that means watching sports, playing games, or enjoying live music. This place has the most TVs on the list.
Atmosphere: Even some of the pendant lights are shaped like soccer balls, so you know they're serious about their sports. Walls of TVs and an abundance of neon signs cover most every available space.
No. of TVs: 44
Beers on tap: 9

504 Bar & Grille
Dodie's Cajun Diner spawned a sports-bar offshoot on Greenville Avenue, serving a couple of the New Orleans dishes along with killer tacos. Texas Tuesday features $2 tacos, $5 local brew pints, and specials on all Texas-made products. (Yes, that includes Texas vodka.)
Atmosphere: Bright and airy, with garage doors that roll up to let the outdoors in. No dark sports cave here.
No. of TVs: 12+
Beers on tap: 16, plus 11 in cans and bottles

Henderson Tap House
Ever since this roomy Knox-Henderson joint opened, it's been a magnet for rowdy fans. ​It impresses with ample patio space and a Bloody Mary bar during brunch. Hey, some games start on the early side.
Atmosphere: Sunday Funday. Some folks are there to tune into the games and tune out the patio, but the opposite it also true.
No. of TVs: 35+
Beers on tap: 14, plus 40 in cans and bottles

Two Trees Dallas
This sports bar opened on Maple in December, and it has been aggressively campaigning to be your new fave ever since. With the Lunch Punch, you get a punch on your loyalty card seven days a week. Five punches equals a free meal.
Atmosphere: Like a Buffalo Wild Wings or Twin Peaks, which makes sense because the owner learned the ropes at those establishments.
No. of TVs: 30+
Beers on tap: 12, plus 20 in cans and bottles

Yard House
The 20-year-old chain, which opened in Addison in October 2014, doesn't feel dated or mass-manufactured, but rather like a well-thought-out place to celebrate beer and good food. ​Plus: Glasses hold the equivalent of a yard of beer. Enough said.
Atmosphere: Sleek yet comfy, with an open kitchen on one end and deep booths around the perimeter. A massive circular bar dominates the middle.
No. of TVs: 20+
Beers on tap: 100+