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5 over-the-top foodie adventures happening in Dallas-Fort Worth

5 over-the-top foodie adventures happening in Dallas-Fort Worth

Vidorra taco
That's a big taco. Photo courtesy of Vidorra

Those seeking extreme foodie adventures in Dallas-Fort Worth have an especially rich field during the weekend of March 19-21, with five crazy options that range from a four-pound taco to a turkey leg pop-up that's already drawing huge crowds.

If you like it outrageous, if you like it free, and if you like to wait in line, there's a little something for everyone here.

Here are 5 over-the-top foodie finds:

Turkey leg pop-up
Probably the biggest thing is the weekend-long pop-up by Turkey Leg Hut, a mom-and-pop from Houston, who are hosting a food truck event in Fort Worth, serving their signature turkey legs and assorted Gulf treats. The pop-up is a drive-thru event at the Spring Harvest Fair at 1270 Woodhaven Blvd. in Fort Worth, and is, according to social media posts, already a crazy scene on Day One, with hundreds of cars lined up as if they were going to a sporting event.

The turkey legs are smoked and stuffed with ingredients like dirty rice or mac and cheese. In Houston, they draw regular visits by celebrities. They'll be open from 11 am-12 am all three days, and in addition to turkey legs, will have crawfish for $7.50 a pound.

Vidorra, the Mexican restaurant with locations in Deep Ellum and Addison, is usually known for good Mexican food and drinks. But it's also a dabbler in extreme-size items such as its large-fomat Guadalajaran, a $60 cocktail meant to share, with tequila, mezcal, and juice.

Its newest horrific creation is El Jefe!, a four-pound, 18-inch taco for $28 which serves two to six, depending on your level of gluttony. It has an 18-inch giant jalapeño cheddar flour tortilla that's fried until crisp, then stuffed with taco beef, chorizo, lettuce, cheese, queso, pico de gallo, guacamole and jalapeños.

Is it dumb? Probably. Are we writing about it? Most definitely.

Free macaron
On March 20, Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie, the bakery in Dallas' West Village, is doing a macaron giveway: One free churro-flavored macaron to every customer fom 8 am-5 pm.

Going out of your way for a free macaron might seem incidental (depending on how much you like free things), but the churro macarons, inspired by Mexico's cinnamon and sugar fried dough pastries, are a limited-edition flavor only available on this day.

Margarita beer
Manhattan Project Beer Co. has a limited-edition release that's available in the taproom-only: a margarita-flavored beer.

The release came about after the brewery inherited some tequila barrels that allowed them to act upon a longtime fantasy to do a margarita-inspired beer. Their original goal was to have it ready for Cinco de Mayo, but after they'd brewed an imperial version of Bikini Atoll and let it rest in the tequila barrels, it soaked it up so quickly that it's ready now.

This was a small batch, so they anticipate the beer will sell out over the weekend. They've started a second batch that will be ready in late summer.

Absurd steak
One of the most ridiculous arrivals in Dallas recently, maybe even all time, is Nusr-Et Steakhouse, the restaurant from over-the-top Turkish chef and Instagram sensation Nusret "Salt Bae" Gökçe, which opened at 1900 N. Pearl St. on March 4.

The various steaks and burgers on the menu run a distant second to the horridly-mesmerizing show that Salt Bae puts on, which can be peeked on his Instagram page, highlighted by his signature cringey move of salting your food at your table by running the salt down his forearm.

There's little of culinary interest at Nusr-Et, it's all about the show, about watching him toss around knives and slices of meat like a carny act. But in a town full of over-the-top steakhouses, Nusr-Et takes it to the absurd extreme.