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Dallas' pretzel invasion steams ahead with new restaurant in Richardson

Dallas' pretzel invasion steams ahead with new location in Richardson

Philly Pretzel Factory
More pretzels is a good thing. Photo courtesy of Philly Pretzel Factory

Following through on their promise to pretzel-ize Dallas-Fort Worth, Philly Pretzel Factory, a Pennsylvania-based chain that's colonizing North Texas, is opening a location in Richardson, at the intersection of Coit and Campbell roads.

The location is going into what was previously a Cookies By Design shop. Aww, Cookies By Design closed. Cookies out, pretzels in.

According to a spokesperson for the chain, the Richardson store will open in late spring 2019.

Philly Pretzel Factory is "home of the real soft pretzel," as well as the world's largest Philly-style pretzel bakery, with more than 100 franchised locations, clustered mostly in the Northeast.

Their pretzel selection includes regular twists, mini-pretzels, and party-size, which are a medium-sized twist. Each location make its own dough on-site and hand-twists each pretzel, which they bake in frequent batches throughout the day.

They also do cool pretzel sandwiches such as: a pretzel stuffed with Philly cheesesteak; a pretzel dog consisting of an all-beef Dietz & Watson hot dog wrapped in a pretzel with melted American cheese; and the pepperoni pretzel melt, like a pretzel pepperoni pizza with pepperoni slices and cheese atop a soft pretzel rod, accompanied by a cup of marinara sauce.

There are bite-sized pretzel nuggets and cinnamon pretzel twists, dusted with cinnamon-sugar and served with a sweet cream cheese dip.

Philly Pretzel Company has been coming for North Texas since 2015. Locations have already opened in Dallas and Mansfield, with another set to open in Plano in 2019, each from a different franchisee, although the Richardson location shares ownership with Plano.

Getting to be a franchisee is no walk in the park. The company requires that its operators have net worth in excess of $300,000, a background in business and management, and a score at least a 100 on the Wonderlic Personnel Test, an IQ measurement method.

According to a representative from the company, they're also looking for someone with a "completely clean" background, no arrests, perfect credit, and they need to be perceived as a pretzel person in their town.