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Silly survey says Texas has only 3 of the 100 hottest restaurants in America

Survey says Texas has only 3 of 100 hottest U.S. restaurants

Smoked potatoes at FT33 restaurant in Dallas
FT33 was one of only two Dallas restaurants to make OpenTable's list of "100 Hot Spot Restaurants" this year. Photo by Kevin Marple
Del Frisco's Grille, ahi tuna tacos
Del Frisco's Grille is more laid-back than its steakhouse older sibling, but that doesn't make its ahi tuna tacos any less delicious. Photo courtesy of Del Frisco's Grille
Smoked potatoes at FT33 restaurant in Dallas
Del Frisco's Grille, ahi tuna tacos

If you believe OpenTable, Texas has only three of the top 100 “hot spot” restaurants in the country. According to its latest list, compiled from 5 million reviews submitted by OpenTable diners, the hottest restaurants span 21 states. But the real winners are California and Florida, with 26 and 18 spots, respectively.

Texas’ holy trinity comprises Matt McCallister's FT33, in the Dallas Design District; Del Frisco’s Grille on McKinney Avenue; and the Provisions half of Pass & Provisions, in Houston. Quality over quantity, right guys?

Of course, Texas tied with Atlanta, which also has three ranking restaurants. That hurts our Southern pride just a bit.

So how did OpenTable figure out which places are as hot as Hansel right now? It’s pretty simple: Between March 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013, the website collected reviews from its users. Restaurants had to meet a minimum overall score with enough reviews; they were then sorted according to the percentage of reviews that included “hot spot” as a special feature.

We think we figured out how Texas got hosed out of a few spots while California and Florida reigned supreme. We all know that the citizens of Miami and Los Angeles are a bit image conscious, so it obviously behooves them to claim that anywhere they go is a “hot spot.”

Meanwhile, we Texans, confident in our dining choices and wary of overcrowding, took a more “under the radar” approach to the whole ordeal. It makes perfect sense, really. No, you’re jealous.

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