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New app from Dallas' top ghost kitchen creates innovative virtual food hall

New app from Dallas ghost kitchen creates innovative virtual food hall

Wow Bao
Dumplings from Wow Bao. Photo courtesy of Revolving Kitchen

Ghost kitchens have been one of the biggest post-pandemic success stories in the Dallas restaurant world, providing a place for restaurant operators to do a "restaurant" that is entirely to go.

Many of those that have launched in DFW in the past year such as TLC Vegan Kitchen operate out of a shared facility called Revolving Kitchen. This virtual food hall was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Tyler Shin as a place where operators could rent commercial kitchens in both short-term (hourly) and long-term options.

Revolving Kitchen's 34,000-square-foot facility serves as home base for TLC, World Pizza Party, Wow Bao, Good Wings, Wing City Sports, and Hawaiian Bros., with a selection that includes bao buns, vegan pizzas, chicken wings, Hawaiian meals, vegan and vegetarian options, and more.

Shin dubs it "the Airbnb of commercial kitchen rentals."

He's now taking it to the next level with a new app that consolidates all of the offerings into a single order.

The Revolving Kitchen Virtual Food Hall app lets you order different cuisines from multiple restaurants at the facility and pay a single delivery fee.

Shin is doing it for the convenience and streamlined experience that diners get, but also for the kitchens in his facility.

"Many of these places are using third-party delivery services, which can take 30 percent or more of their revenue as fees," Shin says. "Some of these businesses are small and can't afford the fees. My goal is to reduce delivery costs, streamline pickup, and consolidate the online food order and delivery process into one platform."

Delivery is available through the app within a 5-mile radius. Pickup is also available, at 520 Shepherd Dr. in Garland.

Shin knows what restaurateurs needed most: to make ordering from Revolving Kitchen convenient and with only one delivery fee.

"Dallas has lost amazing local restaurants," Shin says. "This is why I started Revolving Kitchen — to help local food operators efficiently and effectively expand a food business by reducing their costs so they can focus on what they do best."