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New York group opens wine bar with pizza in Dallas' Design District

New York group opens wine bar with pizza in Dallas' Design District

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New wine bar will serve wine. Courtesy photo

Blow the trumpets and beat the drums, a wine bar has opened in Dallas' Design District. Called Carbone Vino, it's a spinoff of Carbone, possibly the most-hyped Dallas restaurant in 2022, and it's now open at 1617 Hi Line Dr. #390, right next door to Carbone.

A release describes the wine bar in glowing terms: It's from "the creative force behind some of America's most celebrated restaurants," a bold claim. And it "marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Major Food Group," the New York group that also owns Carbone and Sadelle's in Highland Park Village.

Vino will function as the site of Carbone's wine cellar but also as an extension of Carbone — meaning it will serve some of the same dishes served at Carbone, plus new items, including the brand's first-ever pizzas, following a recipe honed over the past decade. It took them 10 years to figure it out! They'll also serve pasta, salumi boards, and gelato.

One thing for wine buffs: They'll serve wine not only by the bottle but also by the quartino, meaning you can try an expensive wine in a smaller quantity and lower price. They'll be open Tuesday-Sunday 5-11 pm and encourage walk-ins, with a bar that accommodates dining as well as drinking.

Designed by the "visionary" Ken Fulk, Vino will not follow its neighbor Carbone's mid-century theme but instead espouses an Old-World vibe a la restaurants and hotels in Tuscany and Northern Italy.

A quote from said visionary says it "celebrates a leisurely European mindset, with hand-painted pharmacy cabinets, gilded mirrors, and a wall of windows that allows for excellent people watching, while the al fresco experience—surrounded by citrus trees in oversized terra cotta pots—easily provides the ideal place to linger."

In a statement, MFG co-founder Mario Carbone says that Carbone Vino has been years in the making. Years! As long as it took them to figure out how to make pizza? He does not say.

"Carbone Vino, in many ways, is the patriarch of the family," he says. "Not only is it an extension of our iconic restaurant, it’s a celebration of Italian tradition inspired by the elegant simplicity of an extraordinary bottle of wine paired with a perfect pizza."