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Fried chicken takeout from N.Y. chef David Chang mounts Dallas comeback

Fried chicken takeout from NY chef David Chang mounts Dallas comeback

Fuku sandos
Second time's the charm. Fuku/Instagram

Some famous fried chicken is back after an apparent hiatus: Fuku, the fast-casual fried chicken joint from New York chef David Chang, is making a comeback in Dallas through a partnership with an e-commerce brand called Franklin Junction.

Fuku began as a so-called "secret" fried chicken sandwich at Chang's original Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York. As it evolved into a Brand, the menu was expanded to a variety of fried chicken offerings and sides. Fuku has also opened storefronts at Hudson Yards and Rockefeller Center in New York, as well as stadiums, arenas, and ghost kitchens throughout the country.

The concept originally debuted in Dallas in April 2021. At that time it was a partnership between Chang and Reef Technology, which operates ghost kitchens across the country. That ended at the end of 2021. Goodbye Reef, hello Franklin Junction.

Beginning Wednesday, April 13, it's back with a menu of sandos (because "sandwich" has too many letters?), fingers, and waffle fries will be available for pickup and delivery in Dallas-Fort Worth, debuting new outposts in Allen, Frisco, Grapevine, Irving, and Richardson through a kitchen network by Franklin Junction, available for in-person pickup or delivery via UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates.

Menu options include:

  • spicy fried chicken sandwich with pickles and mayo
  • the "knockout" sandwich with knockout sauce (described as "creamy, tangy, and savory"), shredded cabbage, and pickles
  • C.B.R. with bacon, ranch, and pickles
  • sweet and spicy sandwich
  • chicken tenders, in regular or sweet & spicy
  • waffle fries

They've also added a few new dishes including Impossible vegan chicken "nuggies," in regular or sweet & spicy, and a chicken burger with American cheese on a potato roll. But these will not be available in DFW, at least not yet. C'mon, need the nuggs.

Prices start at $9.50 for a sandwich to $15 for a chicken fingers meal.

Fuku CEO Alex Munoz-Suarez says in a statement that "through this partnership with Franklin Junction, Fuku will come back better, crispier, and spicier than ever."

Dallas is the third location to be revived under Fuku's new partnership with Franklin Junction, following launches in Kentucky and Atlanta. There are plans for more than 50 host kitchen locations throughout the U.S. in 2022.