Farmers Market Update

Dallas Farmers Market introduces radical new approach

Dallas Farmers Market introduces radical new approach

Dallas Farmers Market Shed 2
New things are happening at the Dallas Farmers Market. Courtesy photo

The Dallas Farmers Market has some radical news, and we should put that "radical" in quotes: It's going to operate more like a real farmers market, with a spotlight on local produce five days a week.

On the other two days, customers can buy non-local produce from dealers.

With these operational changes, it will become more like a true, sustainable farmers market, in which visitors can expect to find local farmers and producers selling food that is grown and sourced locally. Under the management of new director of market operations Amanda Vanhoozier, these improvements will be in place by June 1.

How it will go: During peak peach and berry season, the Dallas Farmers Market will implement Farmers Market Days at The Shed. Five days a week — Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday — vendors will sell meats, cheeses, eggs, jams, pickles, breads and pastries, as well as recently harvested seasonal produce.

Customers who want to purchase a wider variety of conventional produce can find produce dealers reselling fruits and veggies on Produce Stand Days, held every Monday and Friday. This season, the market will remove the refrigerated semi-truck trailers from the site. The sale of tropical produce like bananas and pineapples also will be discontinued.

With the assistance of nonprofit organization GROW North Texas, Vanhoozier has been lining up farmers and ranchers eager to participate in the new process.

"We want to change how people think about their food," she says in a release. "The Dallas Farmers Market can become an educational model for healthy, seasonal food choices that are both unique and local to this city, and we are actively scheduling chef demonstrations, school tours, dinners and events to help educate and spread awareness."

The Dallas Farmers Market is open daily, except Wednesdays, operating out of The Shed. The Market (formally Shed 2, the indoor pavilion) is undergoing renovations and reopens in early fall.

The evening market will reopen in June, with beer and wine offerings and live entertainment on Thursdays from 4-9 pm. The Dallas Farmers Market operates a nighttime wholesale market on Thursday and Sunday evenings from 10 pm-7 am.