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Dough Pizzeria closes up Dallas and decamps to Plano

Dough Pizzeria closes up Dallas and decamps to Plano

Dough Pizzeria pizza
Dallas pizza fans, get it tonight. Photo courtesy of Dough Pizzeria

This may come as bad news to pizza fanatics but Dough Pizzeria, the Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant located at Preston Road and Forest Lane, is closing on April 21, as in tonight, as in at 10 pm, it will shut down for good.

According to the owners, the company is re-establishing its headquarters to Plano, and repositioning itself with a smaller footprint.

"As we continue to grow the Dough Pizzeria brand, we will be investing in a smaller design with patios," the restaurant says in a statement. "Many of our great employees will be coming with us to Plano so we can hit the ground running. Unfortunately this Dallas sale means tonight will be our last service in Dallas."

Dough opened at that location in 2011 as an offshoot of the original Dough in San Antonio, which not only earned certification from the Verace Pizzeria Napoletana Americas but also a visit from Guy Fieri. While the Dallas branch never attained the VPN certificate, it still made its pizzas loosely in the Neapolitan manner.

In 2016, the owners of the Dallas location signed a deal to open a branch with a smaller footprint in Plano. Co-owner Brad Liles said that Plano made sense for a few reasons.

"We focused on Plano because of the growth there, with Toyota opening its new headquarters, etcetera," he says. "And co-owner Keith Hall and I both live in the area. Our Dallas branch has done well and has grown every year."

The Plano location will take over a space with a history of pizza: It's a former Pizza By Marco, the local chain forced to change its name to My Family's Pizza in 2014, and which also has another branch in the neighborhood. Liles says that this Dough will be a different, smaller "neighborhood" model.

A spokesman at the Dallas branch said that the announcement of the closure was sudden, and that they weren't sure what would be going into the space to replace them — "but we should be open in Plano in mid May."