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Dallas Korean restaurant chain turns up the sizzle with hot new offering

Dallas Korean restaurant chain turns up the sizzle with hot new dish

BBBop Seoul Kitchen bbbop bb bop
Watch out, that pot is hot. BBBop

The two locations of bbbop Seoul Kitchen, the fast-casual Korean-American restaurant in Oak Cliff and on Upper Greenville, are turning on the sizzle with the addition of Korean dolsot — aka, hot stone bowl — bibimbop, now available for all chef-crafted and build-your-own bowls.

Hot stone bibimbop elevates the overall experience when the ingredients — proteins, vegetables, and egg — are served in a sizzling hot stone pot. It crisps the bottom layer of rice and gives the overall dish a nice textural contrast after it's all mixed up.

Bbbop Seoul Kitchen serves Korean comfort food with an American fusion twist and is owned and operated by chef couple Sandra and Greg Bussey along with their brother Steve Shin.

Shin says they are responding to the popularity they've seen on a limited-edition dish they introduced last year.

"Our customers have been enjoying our chef crafted 'For Realz Bowl' in the dolsot for the last year, and we have had overwhelming requests for all of our bowls to have the hot stone bowl serving option." he says in a release. "We have loved being a part of bringing Korean cuisine to Dallas. This new upgrade brings our customers an even more authentic experience."

Bbbop was one of the first restaurants in the area to introduce bibimbop, one of Korea's most popular dishes, which is growing in popularity in the Dallas area.