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Uptown Dallas pub goes all Batman caped crusader with new pop-up

Uptown Dallas pub goes all Batman caped crusader with new pop-up

AFS Cinema presents Batman
There are 13 "Na"s in the original Batman theme song. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

An Uptown Dallas bar that loves doing pop-ups is at it again: The Ill Minster Pub, in the Gables Villa Rosa building at 2600 Cedar Springs Rd., will be transforming itself with a new theme dubbed "Gotham."

The pub will adopt a tribute to the caped crusader, with a themed shot wheel, themed cocktails, and of course photo ops including an "Arkham Ill Minster Unit" mugshot backdrop.

They'll use black lights and blue lights to create a villain-centric pub that brings to life the bad guys and vengeance that makes Gotham worth talking about. Or as the release so eloquently puts it: "Let’s be real, Batman is incredible, and the villains are interesting."

The grand opening is April 29, but the pub will be open Wednesday, April 27 for a sneak peek.

The cocktail menu contains odes to Batman characters such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Mr. Freeze. A frozen drink, maybe.

Eight themed drinks include the Joker, a purple drink with an attached playing card.

They're also doing house shots and a themed $5 shot wheel, with 12 classic shot options, also named after favorite characters.

Photo ops
There'll be three main instagram-able spots:

  • A Joker-themed hallway
  • A Riddler-themed hallway
  • The Arkham Mugshot with charges you can choose to hold

The pop up will last six weeks, with themed paint nights, costume/cosplay contests, and movie nights with popcorn showing favorites including one marathon of Christian Bale's rendition of the Bat.

Tuesdays will be a coin toss promotion nodded at Harvey Dent.

The pub's previous pop-up themes have paid tribute to Game of Thrones, Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Halloween, and Chill Minster.

Ill Minster is part of the SBBC Hospitium, with siblings that include Felix Culpa, Truth & Alibi, and The Tipsy Alchemist.